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Quality, experience, professionalism, use of advanced technologies, trust expressed by customers - these are our values ​​that encourage daily improvement!

JSC Autogema is a Lithuanian capital company committed to providing its customers with the highest quality car installation services based on innovative and efficient solutions. We have accumulated more than ten years of experience and are constantly improving in our professional field, so we are proud to offer our customers the best products at a competitive price.
JSC Autogema has successfully assembled an ambitious, professional and motivated team that is always ready to help and advise on all car installation issues. We understand that each customer and his need is individual, so we try to provide the widest possible range of choices when choosing materials, designs, fabrics, colours and more. We use high-quality, durable materials in the production, so the equipped car will definitely last for many years.
We are not afraid of challenges, we constantly take new initiatives, we produce new products because by implementing your ideas we not only meet your needs but also constantly improve ourselves. Therefore, by adapting to the personal wishes and needs of each customer, we can redesign almost every new or used car and create the product you need from it.
Although we are located in Siauliai, we provide car installation services to customers all over Lithuania, in addition, a significant part of motor vehicles is exported to Europe and other countries of the world. The number of foreign customers is constantly growing.

Our company is constantly looking for new opportunities, we are interested in finding friendly relations with partners from all over the world. We are interested in various cooperation opportunities, so if you are interested and want to cooperate - contact us on the contacts listed on our page.
If you seek quality service, efficient customer service and truly incredible results, you are in the right place!

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