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kebulu gamyba. kėbulų gamyba



Manufacture of light truck bodies from sandwich panels, rigid isothermal, auto refrigerators, commercial, flatbed, tent, special purpose bodies. Repair.

We produce commercial vehicle bodies for various purposes. Rigid truck body supporting structures (floors, walls, ceilings) are made of a multi-layer sandwich panel, which is characterized by lightness, strength and particularly good thermal insulation characteristics. The surface is smooth and glossy, resistant to mechanical and atmospheric effects, suitable for painting or advertising decoration.
Installation services: 

  • Rigid isothermal bodies;

  • DRY, fresh, isolated bodies;

  • Autorefrigerators;

  • Commercial bodies;

  • Flatbed bodies;

  • Tent and curtain bodies;

  • Special purpose bodies from sandwich panels;

  • Other work related to the conversion or installation of motor vehicles.


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