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kemperiu irengimas ir gamyba



Campervan installation, repair, retractable roof installation, pull-out kitchens (SlidePods) production, camper parts, extras and accessories

If you love travelling and are considering whether to buy a new camper - contact us. Our team will not only provide all the desired information, but will also discuss your needs with you and will find the best solution. We can offer a competitive camper price to suit your budget.
We produce both ultra-luxury and economy class campers. The conversion of minibuses into campers can be done from new and used cars. The customer can choose the equipment, interior materials and fabrics to be installed, an attractive and cozy design.
We will make sure that your camper is comfortable and has all the necessary equipment to ensure comfort during the trip.
AutoGEMA is the official seller of Reimo equipment and accessories in Lithuania. For those who want to renew the camper's equipment, parts, accessories - we will be happy to help you with ordering and delivery of goods from the Reimo catalog online at We apply discounts. We are also a certified manufacturer of the German company REIMO, which can professionally perform the following camper installation works in Lithuania:
    • Installation of retractable roofs;
    • Installation of the Variotech 3000 seat system
    • REIMO kitchen furniture assembly.


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